So, I've started writing songs...

And it's kind of addicting.

Like, I can see it becoming meth-like addicting, like Intervention-is-going-to-find-my-story-and-interview-my-family addicting. It won't be so, "please, Evan, please just stop!" or "you'll lose everything!" Instead, perhaps it'll gain me something? Maybe Gavin Degraw-like fame?

Or not.

I'm not picky. But let me tell you my story.

I was meandering around the over-conjested mess that's also known as the Internet, and somehow I popped across this new program created by Microsoft in their research labs called "Songsmith." I tagged it on my hyper-active Delicious account, hoping I wouldn't lose it in the mound of other random links I'm always posting there, and moved on with my life. I didn't download the program right away, because I would only get 6 hours of actual play time with it, and what if I liked it? I would have to pay for it, and I wanted to wait and be completely sure before I jumped on that bandwagon.

I couldn't fight the feelings. I tried downloading it on my "old" laptop (I have since bought my brothers much newer laptop off of him) and it didn't budge. I Googled to find out why I wasn't able to download it, and in my searching, I was excited to find that teachers could download "Songsmith" for free.

Yup, a small perk for being in education.

The program writes the chords as you sing into a microphone. You just need to make sure you have your melody down, because as you sing, there's only the beat in your ears.

So, now that I write random bits of "poetry" places, and I tend to break out into song ALL the time around the house, I'm hoping I can start putting the two things together.

Let's see where it takes me...