The Thing About the Sweet Potatoes...

Every year Steph and I are in charge of the sweet potatoes for my side of the family's Thanksgiving. It's a fairly simple recipe that doesn't take too much prep. Steph and I cook some complicated things every-once-in-a-while, so you would think we could put together a sweet potato souffle.

For some reason, something is always off about them.

One year, we made two of them, thinking the large family event would need two. One of them turned out OK, while we left out the egg in the other one. We had to quickly put it in and mix it up, but it was haphazard.

Luckily, they turned out fine.

This year, as I was mixing up the ingredients to make the pecan crumble that goes on top, the topping became more of a dough-like paste, instead of a light crumble. I did the cup of flour, the cup of brown sugar. I thought I had just a stick of butter, but apparently, I put a few tablespoons of butter too many in. Instead of the topping being crumbly and on top, it was a thick gooey mess that sank to the bottom.

The 30-minute baking time turned into an hour.

We were late ot my family's Thanksgiving, and again, we weren't so sure how the sweet potatoes were going to turn out.

Luckily, they turned out fine.