I'm reading about a teddy bear that's mistaken for a terrorist

I go from "Harry Potter" so something, well, different. We've been shopping in the $1 section of Half Priced Books, because when teachers get 20% (or more) and you're buying books for $1, well, you do the math...

Sometimes we find some goodies. I've picked up the  Stephen King classics "The Tommyknockers" and "Misery" that are in near-perfect condition. I never really thought about reading them, but for $1, why not? I have even come across paperbacks of books I had read before, and for $1, why not own them, too? Only decent ones, though. I'm not going to go and pick up any Anita Shreve book, but I really liked "The Last Time They Met" and owning it is a good choice. 

Steph found a novel where the sheep, as a herd, are trying to figure out who killed their owner, and they don't trust people. There's even on black sheep named Othello. 

I found something similar, sort of. Similar only in it's "strangeness" I suppose. My book is "Winkie." A teddy bear who's mistaken for a terrorist. 



I'm only 20 pages into it, but the little guy breaks your heart already. It's not a children's story, though. He's cute, but the adults that are dealing with him are not -- and therefore they've dropped a few F-bombs.

Oops. Watch out for those. It's like stepping through a cow field.

Or a sheep field. 

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