Harry Potter: The Journey VI

I'm about 300 pages into the last installment of the book, and it's heartbreaking. The bad guys are gaining ground, Hogwarts is under the rule of hook-nosed Snape, and Hermione, Harry and Ron aren't there.

Although, reading the books in succession made the constant return to Hogwarts a bit monotonous at times, there's a hole in me as I read the last book. They are not there, nor do they plan on even going back. And I'm concerned for the characters? Why is that?

"Won't you be able to get a wizarding job? You haven't completed your N.E.W.T's!"

It's weird those thoughts that I have, isn't it? Not that they should even go back, though. I wouldn't want Snape and Harry in the same building anymore. Snape's a muddy apple fartbucket (a term I coined a couple weeks ago).

So, as I travel with Harry, Hermione and Ron, it's in complete suspense, but I also feel a bit disjointed since I'm used to them being/acting out part of their adventures at Hogwarts. What I am looking forward to, though, is the next chapter that takes place in Godric's Hollow -- where more than just Harry's parents used to live.

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