Harry Potter: The Journey IV

I don't think I've ever read two 600+ books in a row before. In the past, books so long have always been intimidating. Even my sister-in-law, who's an avid bookworm, is tormented by the idea of reading many 600+ page books in a row.

And to think, I was a bit Pottered-out toward the middle of "Goblet of Fire." I remember thinking, "Maybe I'll take a break and be done with it for a bit before revving up with three 600+ page books in a row."

But, people, that's a sign of weakness!

That and the fact that I travel 50 miles a day in my car, and some days, more, so it becomes an exciting escape when I can drive and be read to. I'm like a child, sitting in my favorite seat, having some British man do his best impressions of characters. It never gets old. What gets me most about Jim Dale (narrator of the series) is how he can whip out a voice just. Like. That.

Today, I'm listening to a part, when a character, who hasn't been written about since the second book (Professor Gilderoy Lockhart), comes out of nowhere and tada! There is his voice.

Or. So, I'm assuming.

I didn't listen to "The Chamber of Secrets," but I'm sure it's the same voice that Mr. Dale pulled out of nowhere. Positive! Of course, the man could listen to himself and hear the voice he did and then mimic it.

I can do that, too. I've watched puppet shows that I've performed with voices and I can access those voices instantly again once I've heard them.

How does the human mind do that? I wonder about that a lot.

Just today, though, I was discussing "The Order of the Phoenix" with a co-worker who's re-reading the book, and we both keep getting excited with...

...sorry about this interruption, but "Where the Wild Things Are" the movie looks mind-blowing...

...and so, I told him we should get together over tea and discuss the book sometime.

Ha, ha.


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