The New Singer

Here it is, fitted nicely on my bookshelf. It's twice the size of my old machine, but two-times smaller than my mom's that I was borrowing. It does everything my mom's Singer did, and then some. Sadly, the carrying case Target was giving out for free with it was all "sold" out at all the Targets I called, but it has a handle that flips up for easy carrying. This is the Singer: Tradition. It's good for those who are wanting to learn how to sew. I'm kind of past that point now, and I'm not so much an amateur anymore. I think the purchase of this machine has vaulted me up a few rungs on the tailor ladder.

My great-grandfather was a tailor. I learned that when I realized sewing came very naturally to me. Granted, with the help of a machine, it's easy, but not anyone "gets" it, I'm sure. Although some of my first projects are rejects, it doesn't take me long to figure out how to correct them, so by the second time, the process looks improved. You can see it in the product.

I haven't made any new bags to sell on Etsy, lately, but I think with the addition of my very own Singer, that will change. Stay tuned for those bags to be posted.
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