Listening to the "Harry Potter" Series, Part I

I haven't sat down to work on "The Goblet of Fire" lately, but at the urging of a co-worker, I went ahead and got the audio version of the book. That way, I can go between the two media. I've never sat down and split my "reading" between actually reading a book and then listening to it. I'm from the school of thought that the audio version isn't really "reading," even though it kind of is.

The other times I've sat down to listen to audio books were random stories I've picked up that had promise. One was the "Devil and Miss Prym" by the guy that wrote "The Alchemist." I also listened to "To Kill a Mocking Bird" which I never read in high school -- I need to pick up more "classics" on my own, really.

I've never sat down with something that I've been so involved in as a reader, though. Listening to a series is nice because you already know the story and visualize a lot of the characters, so it's just a matter of listening to it. I'm already on Chapter Eight, which is 80 pages into the book. I think I'm also getting a lot more detail by listening to it. I'm forced to hear all the details. When I read, I tend to skim through parts sometimes, or get caught up in a section and reread it over and over again.

Luckily, the guy that's reading it, Jim Dale, does a good job. It's not corny and weird to listen to him. He's also British, so I'm repeating half the things he says. He won a Grammy award for the "Deathly Hallows," if that gives you anything to compare it to.

Could this post have been anymore boring?