The Gas Station in Sheridan

In order to go to Purdue in West Lafayette, we take a back way that winds through Sheridan. During this particular trip up to the WL, we were following Steph's sister because she was leading us to her new digs. For her senior year at Purdue, she is renting a condo with two others. We drove up so Steph could hang pictures and other random objects on the walls, and I needed to hem curtains.

On the way there, we stopped at a gas station in Sheridan and waited for Kendra to get gas. During, a giant truck pulled up. Inside was a little boy in the front (don't worry, folks, he was strapped in a car seat) and a big dog that was wearing a giant plastic cone around his head.

The little boy was sobbing, and constantly covering his face with his hands, while the giant dog, cone included, was very excitedly bounced back and forth in the small space he had. The little boy kept crying, and the dog tried to move. A man in a neighboring truck came and led the little boy to his truck, probably to get away from Cone Dog.

It was just a mess. Then, Steph's phone rang. Apparently, we were so engrossed in the scene, wondering what was happening next, that we missed Kendra's departure.