Ficly Bio or Writing As Poetry

I'm signing up for a little website called Ficly. It offers a space to fill out your bio, but I never write my bios the same. I never write them traditionally. Here is what I came up with for Ficly:

I teach writing, love writing, dream about writing. I'm afraid of writing. I eat writing. I swim in it; I taste language, I stay afloat with metaphors and similes and strong nouns. I'm confused about Gerunds and Appositives, but use them regardless even if I don't know it. I lean on writing, it leans on me. I write for therapy, for humor, out of boredom, to create, to live, to sing. I don't write everyday, but should. Writing is my Grendal, and I am its Beowulf. Maybe. That could be a bit extreme. Writing, to me, is a mouse and a lion. It's the mouse inside the lion. It's the lion inside the mouse. Writing is reality and non-reality. Writing builds me up and tears me down. It makes me sick and makes me run. It flows through me like blood, even when the ink isn't flowing through me onto paper. That's who I am, and who I will always be.