Online Menus Hate People

Why is it when we, the people, look up menu items at chain restaurants online there are no prices listed? Is it some psychology that because you don’t see our prices, you will definitely come on in? If I have only an hour to eat lunch, but I have the luxury of looking up menu items, why can’t I know the prices?

For lunch today, I would like a sandwich. It doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy – although, that’s the “it” thing, isn’t it? Fancy sandwiches. So, if I must have a fancy sandwich (stop twisting my arm!), so be it – but I would like to know if it’s going to be only one arm and a leg, or it’s going to be two arms and one leg, or two legs and one arm…

OK, so as I read the descriptions online, my mouth is watering for the different types of mayonnaise you’ve concocted for that chicken sandwich, and, laws yes, I wouldn’t mind trying out that steak sandwich, but ooh la la, that bagel looks good – but I don’t know if I’m going to buy it because the retailer isn’t posting prices.

Stupid retailer. Stupid prices.

The psychology is quite the opposite for me, actually. If prices are not posted, I will probably not go there.

Take that restaurant business.