The Helper

If you would ever need someone to come over and work with you on home improvement projects, I'm an excellent helper.

Just ask Steph.

It's not that I'm incompetent. Sure, I have issues with measuring and numbers -- but I've hung trusses on a house. I've worked with drywall. I've built sets. I've drilled. I've hammered. I've used saws. I have experience. I actually have more experience with houses, more than you all probably realize. I have more experience than even I realized.

But, Steph's better at it. Plus, she enjoys it.

If you need curtains, however...

When we laid new floor in the kitchen, Steph measured. Steph placed, but without me...who would've peeled the backing off of the tiles? When we added iridescent stripes to our living room, to give it more dimension, I held the yard stick so Steph could make all the measurements. Plus, I'm entertaining.

Ask anyone.