You're Just Jeaslous of My Sweater

Do you see this sweater? It's an amazing piece of wearable art. It was a Christmas gift from Steph. She found it at my new favorite clothing store -- H&M.

Everytime I wear this sweater to school, though, it brings on a sleugh of comments. I figured I would share them with the world.

The Top 6 Comments About This Sweater:

1. Charlie Brown
2. A Bumble Bee
3. Waldo
4. Freddy Krueger
5. A Rugby Player
6. Harry Potter

Really, they're amazed that a sweater like this can actually exist. Because they will not own such an article of clothing, they feel they must poke fun at it. Poke fun at it if you must, but remember -- you're jealous of my sweater, and everybody knows it.