Mary Kay, In My Face

It was a howly, windy day, which meant that Raible was not safe to stay in her cage for fear that she would decapitate herself trying to escape it. So, Raible went to work with me, and during a break from clients, I thought she deserved a trip to the pet store to get a cookie for her good behavior. The following is a snippet of an email to Evan about our excursion:

Raible and I were out in the rain - I took her to the pet store just to get her out of the office since no one was around (my 12:00 didn't show and I didn't have anything until 3:30), and she PEED in the pet store. PEED! A HUGE Raible pee! AAAAHHHH! So it took me about 5 minutes to clean that up, while juggling Raible, the umbrella, my purse, and the cleaning supplies. A lady chuckled when she saw my dilema, said they were probably used to that here at the pet store, and commented on my red ballet flats, telling me they were "too cute". Raible and I continued on our merry way throughout the pet store when I noticed she was very pacey and nervous. That could only mean one thing. Pooh. So then I took Raible BACK out into the rain so she could pooh. Raible seemed a little concerned about poohing in a parking lot divider full of mulch, so she did her "pace and pooh", where she paces and then poohs. And then paces and poohs. And then I had to follow her around and pick THAT up. And then, who appeared to be the nice lady when I was cleaning up Raible pee decides that while I'm picking up pooh, OUTSIDE, IN THE RAIN, juggling Raible, the umbrella (which keeps getting stuck in the tiny tree in the mulch parking lot divider), my purse, and the pooh bag that she would like to hand me her Mary Kay card and talk to me about being a face model (whatever the crap that means, because at this point, I'm sure I look marvelous and she can't wait to give me a makeover) because I SEEMED TOO BUSY WHILE CLEANING UP PEE IN THE STORE. Yes. Too busy in the store, but not out in the rain. WITH POOH.

Yes, friends, those Mary Kay women are out to get us when we are in our worst moments. Watch out for them while sopping up pee at the pet store, picking up pooh in the rain, while pulling weeds in the summer heat, and when you're having a sick day at home. Because that is when they strike.