MBoP as a Brand

There's really no excuse on my end why there hasn't been much writing... But, with a new year and some New Year's Resolutions -- what? I didn't used to believe in them, but the past two years I decided it couldn't hurt to at least try some on for size, and I have met both of them.

Finish Crapbag Novel #1, so I could move on with my creative self, was Resolution for 2007. I hunkered down one summer afternoon and pounded out the rest of the book. Later that year, in November, I pounded a strong 16,000 words to novel #2. Novel #2 isn't such a crapbag.

Resolution for 2008 was to submit my writing. Vague, yes, but so is "lose weight." It was productive, however. After taking a summer course where I met with other writing teachers, I buffed up my writing catalogue and decided to send me out some stories. And, alas, Resolution for '08 was met.

I will continue to feed those two resolutions. As an amateur writer, they both are a constant. I will finish Novel #2. I'm just not sure when, but it won't take me 5+ years like the crapbag one. As for the continual submitting of work, that's a given. Both stories I submitted in October were rejected, but that's OK.

Now comes (drumroll and horns, please) Resolution for 2009! Did you see the release of all those balloons? I hope so, I thought you all needed something a bit better than the ball that didn't light up. Did you see that? Every stinkin' year a ball made of crystal has dropped in Times Square and it's been lit. It makes sense that they decided to have a permanent one -- which I think is more eco-friendly, and such, but why couldn't we have light?

If you can power a factory using methane gas, a.k.a. farts, you should be able to have a giant crystal ball drop and light up, and then slowly go back to the top until 2010.

I mean, seriously.

Back to my '09 Resolution: Bringing Back My Bucket of Parts. I have neglected these two sites for far too long. Both are in desperate need of content. This, here, site can use some more random verbage from yours truly, but the official My Bucket of Parts needs some serious help. My goal, if you will humor me for a tad bit, is to create a brand. Kind of like Tyra and Oprah, you know? MBoP's will have my (attempt at) humor columns, The Puptuals comic strips, and I would enjoy plugging in some more video for your viewing pleasure.

The future is My Bucket of Parts.

Are you ready to start looking at all the pieces?