When fake people leave comments

Like any good human, I have neglected many places of writing (ok, so most humans don't even write, but alas, I digress as usual) and the blog is one of them.

Although, apparently my non-writing is a sign of the times.

According to Paul Boutin of Wired magazine, it's time for me to pull the plug. In his rant about blogging and how it's so yesterday, apparently Facebook, Twitter and Flickr have taken the web by storm and are not the it-ways to set up your identity in the world. Blogging used to be known as "grassroots" but with business out there setting up faux-blogs that are actually a crap-load of links to a crap-load of nothing.

And even though I won't be pulling the plug, because I don't totally agree with Boutin's words of wisdom, I am annoyed when someone "sends" you a comment and it's really this fake page with a bunch of links on it to real estate.


Just when I thought someone actually read what I wrote and posted a generic "that's interesting..."

I should have known better. Shame on you fake page, shame!