He Transferred from Las Vegas?

So after our special visitor got the directions from Evan, he traipsed his way next door to our neighbor's garage sale. As I continued sanding the window I was turning into a coffee table, I heard him telling the 2 ladies his tale of how he had gotten lost. A few moments later, after his disgruntled ride came and picked him up, I ran across the lawn to see what they thought.

"So, wasn't he the most interesting character you've seen in awhile?"

"He said he was from New York, but he was originally from Las Vegas."

"Las Vegas suits him."

"How did he get from Las Vegas to Anderson? There's not a lot of show opportunities."

"Maybe he came to work at the new casino!"

And that's where we left it. I've never been to the casino here in town - and honestly, I never plan to - but I might make an exception if I find out he's headlining a show out there.