Why They Clamor Into My Classroom (Under Construction)

This is why the students clamor into my classroom:
  • Last week while lecturing, I broke out into jazz moves and tap-danced. Randomly.
  • The next class period, while we were taking notes, I broke out in a Gregorian Chant, in which they repeated the last word in a chant.
  • Today, randomly, like the monkeys out there that that do it, I pretended to pooh in my hand and threw it at a student. He, then, replied, "did you just throw metaphorical pooh at me?" I, then, said, "I don't know what you're talking about."
  • I have a sock puppet show that I show my seventh graders. It is a lecture on how to interview properly. If they have received that well, they get to see a sock puppet music video for "Holding Out For Hero" from "Footloose" and a Batman sock puppet makes an appearance.
  • I tangoed with my Webkinz penguin named Feliz Ricardo.
  • I gave an impromptu ventriloquist performance of giving directions to the students by using Feliz Ricardo.
More to come...