We were Hungry and Tired

E: "I think I have another kanker sore on my tongue."

S: "Are you breeding them in there?"

E: "The kanker sores are having sex!" (followed by kissy fish faces and hilarious laughter)

This was a conversation Evan and I had at Panera last night. We were with my mom, my 20-year-old sister, and my 15-year-old brother and sister. We had been shopping for Homecoming attire for Dan and Hannah all afternoon, and we ended up at Panera for a late dinner. We yet again had Team Dan (Dan and Evan) and Team Hannah (Hannah, mom, Kendra, and I), and the shopping had been successful. Hannah found a lovely dress (while I was having fun trying on the ugly ones), and Dan modeled his look off a manequin from the Gap.

However, I think we were all a little un-sound of mind by the time we got to Panera. The six of us were starving and normal conversation never comes from exhausted, starving shoppers. Hannah kept stealing everyone's bread, Dan read us a text he receieved about how stupid people will soon be deported from the country, so he'd better get a helmet and "run, little buddy!", Evan was having issues with his kanker sores, and Kendra couldn't get enough spicy brown mustard - until it slipped into what she called an "open zit" and it started to burn. Needless to say, we were the loudest table at Panera, because in the midst of all the hilarity, there was belly-laughter. We were uncontrollable.

This is not unusual for the six of us. We are often out of control. However, it usually happens at home instead of out where the general public can see us.