The Girls' Own Body Pillows

In the process of switching our gender roles here, I decided that it was time to up the ante of my sewing skills. I went to JoAnn Fabrics and found an espresso faux-suede fabric, bought two yards, and brought it home to see if I could make two large floor pillows for the girls.

With no previous experience of making pillows, and watching nothing but HGTV half-the-time, it occurred to me driving home one evening that I could easily do it. I brought the large swatches of fabric home, tried to cut them evenly and sewed, stuffed and sewed some more. Now, we have two large pillow. At first, none of the Girls would lay on them. I tried to coax them over, but they just ignored me. It must've smelled funny. Their scent wasn't on it, yet.

And with animals, it's always a Catch-22. Kind of like Fauna's animals. They always get so dirty and smelly (enough to make me gag) and when we wash them, Fauna won't touch them. Not for a while at least.

After a few weeks of just leaning against it, Nigra is now on the pillows entirely. Every inch of her body is on the pillow and it just warms my heart that she's enjoying something that I've created from scratch.