Red Flamingoes

Red flamingoes littered the front lawn of the Hawlidore residence. Each were molded to fit a certain scene. Three were by the inflatable pool, with sunglasses and saucy drinks. Three more were around a table playing poker. Two were standing by the mailbox waving. One was on the roof with a Santa hat. Two were perched outside by the door, like you had to pass by them and get permission before going inside. Two were telling secrets to each other. One was reading hte newspaper, while next to it, another was reading a book.

There was one floating in the inflatable pool, but he wasn't there earlier...

It is getting out out, maybe it got too hot for him. Most of them have sunglasses on now -- how did I miss that? It is a little glarey; cloudy days do that sometime. Wait -- I thought the one of the left was reading the paper and the one on the right was reading a book. They both have newspapers now.