About a year ago, I bought the oMop by Method. I ran out of cleaner today, something you just spray on the floor and mop up with the microfiber cloth that attaches to the oMop. It's pure ecstasy, the fact I don't always need to fill a bucket with Pine-Sol (damn that's fresh, or whatever...oh's "the power of Pine-Sol").

The Great and Powerful oMop broke earlier this year, but I super-glued it back together, but today, right before I started oMopping the wood floor, the handle just fell off, like it just gave up on me (you have so much more to live for!). Then, the super-glued piece, which held the pole-handle in place, snapped off. I think it might be beyond repair, which sucks, because I just mixed together a vinegar solution with drops of fresh linen essential oils to make the floor smell awesome.