Jake Day Two

Along with Raible, Jake was afraid of the sleugh of storms that exploded lightning and dumped rain all over Indiana last night. A little bit of a storm would've been fine, but I mean, really, it continued and stormed for about four hours straight. I put a leash on Jake and looped it around my arm, tethering him close so he wouldn't go and pee everywhere.

We got about four hours of sleep. As I got ready this morning, he didn't leave my side. He was pretty upset that I had to leave the house. He whined at me at the edge of the bed.

When I got home, he meandered and enjoyed time in our green chair. He was pleasant to have around, but about 8:30 p.m. Steph got a call from Jake's owner. She was currently in Nashville, and he escaped from his babysitters because he's a digger, and since there were storms (which he's afraid of) while he was out pottying, he dug himself free. The man that picked him up was a bit much. He just wanted to save his co-worker money, so instead of putting Jake in a kennel, his family would watch him. Well... I'm not pointing any fingers, but he was all huffy and said, "I wasn't going to like paying $50 at the pound if I had to pick him up, and here I am saving the woman money..."

You deserve to pay that $50 if you can't seem to be careful with the dog. It was probably a fluke incident that Jake escaped, but he rubbed me the wrong way. He just went on and on how his dog Sandy stays at his side and people get mad when she's not on a leash. His dog was trained by Hitler, though, and so stays by the side of Death, if commanded. But little Jake, with energy and fun, was too much for him. For those who don't like to clench marbles in their anus, Jake was a really good dog. So good, it brought tears to our eyes that he had to go home.

Anyway, the man's lucky he doesn't know Fauna. Her training consists of "sit" and "drop it" when she has a toy she wants to take it outside. Otherwise, she jumps up on you and "dominates" you, taking you to Faunia with her.


But we were sad to see Jake go. He was a sweetie, but I'm glad he will get to go home. Let's just hope the babysitters sit and watch him go potty outside so he doesn't dig out. If we come across him again, he's ours until his real mommy comes back from vacation.