Fauna Leenakins

Everywhere the Leena goes, her toys are sure to follow -- dirty and missing limbs. All of the Dr. Seuss characters (Sneetch, Horton, Sam I Am, Fox with Sox, Yertle the Turtle, Grinch) look like survivors from a violent, horrid train accident.

Grinch is the worst of all, having no eyes and only one arm and one leg. The Leena, or Fauna Leena, or Fauna Leenakins, or Fauna-to-the-Leena, or Syesha Spots, or "the spotted one", is our hyper, jealous autistic dalmation mix we adopted over a year ago. She is a lover. She loves her toys. She always has a stuffed creature in her mouth. She loves her toys to death.

Here are the particulars of Fauna Leena: she has gangly limbs; she mounts you; she's a sloppy kisser; her brain goes "eeeeeeeeee..."when her eyes go blank; she rarely drinks water, but gets her hydration from ice cubes; she bobs for those cubes in a bowl of water; she used to eat pooh fresh from the Raible (the Collie-Golden mix) but has recovered from that addiction; she has big white paws that dig into you when she jumps off of you; she loves toys; she loves toys to death.