Wine and Crap Catalogues

Being a therapist means some days can be rough. On those days, there is nothing I want to do more than go home and enjoy some relaxing time. To some people, this may mean going home and having a glass (or two) of wine, sitting on the couch, and closing their eyes.

Not for me.

I always call Evan when I'm on my way home from work so he can know when to expect me. When I call and tell him I've had a rough day, there are no sweeter words to my ears than, "One of your crap catalogues came today".

It just so happens that the lady that lived in our house before us loved kitzchy things and we as the not-so-new homeowners have inherited the catalogues that she used to order them. Inside these catalouges are glass figurines, large flowy shapeless dresses, gaudy jewelry, t-shirts with witty sayings such as "Old Fart", and terry cloth toilet seat covers.

One of my favorite things to do with these catalouges is pick out the ugliest muu-muu in the bunch and show it to Evan and tell him I love it. He's never quite sure if he should believe me, so I usually get a "ummmm...." response.

Once I received one of these catalogues that bore the warning of "This is the LAST catalogue you will recieve. Be sure to order today to ensure further delivery of our future editions!"

AAAAHHHH!!!! They can't take my catalogues away! Luckily, in each catalogue, there's one item I could imagine myself owning. The last thing I ordered was a stuffed animal bowling set for our nephew. I love educational and active toys, and not only can he be up and bowling, the stuffed animal pins are cute and he can carry them where ever he wants to. It was the perfect choice - both for him and for me to be able to keep my favorite mailings.

Yes, yes, it is true. I keep the process going. But only for the purpose of coming home to a relaxing evening of flipping through my crap catalogues.


Rebecca said…
Well LeAnn Rimes sings "Every girl needs a good friend and a glass of wine" Now, if that good friend happens to be a crap catalog, so be it :)