WoFo and Alex T.

If you really don't care, then this is a DISCLAIMER that you don't really need to read: I'm sorry! I got side-tracked and couldn't resist a ton of postings that weren't really postings. You have to understand, however, that to get a podcast up on iTunes is a glorious bout of technological triumph on my part. I've been wanting to do it for a year and I finally figured it all out. 

I didn't realize I would curse myself and end up in the pit of blogger's block. Who would've thought there would be such a thing. The blog is the epidemy of everything random, so everyone should have something to write about. Until you become me and realize this blog has a feel and I must access that feel everytime I post. 

BLAH. So I stop that and continue on with much needed typage. 

So I've recently began watching a lot of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. WoFo is great, but Steph plays at blinding speeds. Three letters will be up and she'll guess the phrase. I am getting better, however, which is good. Steph's my cheerleader, too. When I get it and she doesn't, she doesn't throw things at me, she claps and cheers, "yay!" Not that I plan on signing up to play, but if I was ever forced to, with a gun to my head, at least I know I would be average. Steph, on the other hand, would win the money. I think she should try out. A free vacation to an exotic place would be nice, I think she would take me along. Plus, she plays smart. She'll get some of the money and then solve the puzzle and then move on. She wouldn't stretch the round out trying to get every single letter just for the money, because she knows that it's inevitable that the pointer will land on BANKRUPT. 

What I truly enjoy watching is Jeopardy. The best part of the show is when Alex T. "interviews" each of the contestants and they're all brainiacs, but socially awkward. "I'm...a...philosophy major...and...breed...cats with my...husband...." They're all blushing and proud as they talk about this and I'm like, "how did you possibly date to get married?" I just cringe. 


Then I get turned off because Alex T. reads the answers like a douche. He gets all "I'm better than you" when he pronounces all those words and phrases in other languages. I know he's just doing those languages justice, but he gets this "thing" in his voice. Don't you hear it? It's not really that he pronounces them, but he does so with an air of superiority in his voice. I wonder what the linguist backstage gets paid to teach him how to pronounce everything. He/She was once a brilliant professor at a local college and then sold out to Jeopardy. 

I suppose you could do worse things...like be Alex T.


Rebecca said…
My mother-in-law and I play competitive wheel of fortune...she excels at scrabble, I excel at crossword puzzles. They are slightly different pattern recognition skills, and in my opinion, crossword puzzlers have an edge here. And what's with knowing the answer, and then BUYING A VOWEL??? Giving money back? WTF?

Anyway, yes, Trebek definitely has a superiority thing going on. I get that he's Canadian, so pronounces all the French words/names correctly, but other wise, he can get a little annoying.

Need to go tend my own neglected blog, now :)