Saturday at Purdue

We drove up to Purdue today to celebrate both Steph and her grandfather's birthday. The day started out well enough, since we were able to get down to her parents' house on time (we're usually running late), but...

...the van didn't start. It rurr-rurr-rurred, but refused to start. So, while we were sitting in the grandparents' Avalanche, we watched them switch vans. Usually, if you want to leave on time, you don't let Steph's dad pack a car. He will lay out sheets of cardboard on the garage floor and simulate packing, before packing. As they transferred the presents over, he brought over a box, but Steph's grandpa took it out of the van and walked it back to garage. 

...and then we drove up to West Lafayette the ass-backwards way, because it's "faster" or whatever. 

...we celebrated at Kendra's apartment (Steph's sister) and while we're there, her roommates + boyfriends didn't leave the room. They hovered over the cake, because that's what they wanted. I get it...I was a hungry college student, too. But we didn't invite them. Instead, they stood in the kitchen and talked loud about video games and campus politics. Apparently, one of the other roommates (we'll call her Ro) shoos the roommates out of the living room when her family visits, but when Kendra's family is becomes a double standard. As we left, I wanted to look at them and politely say:

"Thanks for being rude."

"It was nice to not meet you."

"You look cocky in those photographs and you're cocky in real life."

"You're going to grow up to be a douche."

...during the drive home, I got a headache and had gas. Gas is never fun.

I give the day a B+