I am Superstitious Superserious

As I watch Kanye West break-it-out on the Grammys, sometimes I wish I was a musician instead of a dead-pan writer. I just love how universal music is. It's there during defining moments of life...in a sense, music can define life. To have written a song that defines a moment in someone's life? That's power.

So, speaking of power, I have witnessed the next step in the greatness that is R.E.M. They've received endless ridicule about past albums and how they were weak and dead and whatever, but so far, the blaze of reviews that stretches out before their next album "Accelerate" have been nothing but positive. Listen to their next step in a great musical career, "Superstitious Superserious" here. It's high-speed and high-energy. I can't quite make out the lyrics, but I'm here waiting for the entire album.

Even though music drives powerful intervals inside the lives of many, the written word can do the same. Speaking of that, today was my first meeting with a local writers' group that I've been interested in. Once you leave an educational institution, it's hard to find others who share the same interest as die-hard as you. I'm happy to say that, even though there were only five of us at today's meeting, I feel good things will come of this.


Unknown said…
I heart R.E.M. and their "Furry Happy Monsters" performance on Sesame Street. =)