Yick Sticks and Other Tales

The Girls are gathered around their bowl of ice cubes, munching on an after-dinner snack. Nigra was outside doing the unthinkable...eating frozen turds. I know! Here she is, fabulous and a problem-solver like her Mommy, and she's out in the backest back of the back yard, surrounded by dead leaves, munching on a pooh-cicle. She wouldn't come in, either. Apparently, a frozen yick-stick is better than the warmth of the house.

Have you felt it outside recently? It's about 10 degrees out and there is a Winter Storm Warning out for the state of Indiana. This means snow...but last week, when they predicted God-awfulness, nothing happened. The meteorologists are being a little more subdued this week. If this snowfall doesn't amount to anything, they'll have a lot of ridicule to live up to.

So, one girl is eating ice cubes, while the other is...well...you know...

And my feet won't warm up, plus I'm turning blue from hypothermia.

Anyways, if you're here for a little while, scroll on down to read my new contributor to My Bucket of Parts - The Appendix. You get so much of my point-of-view about life with the Girls and how it affects Steph, that I just figured -- why doesn't she just tell her side of the story? Kick up your feet and read on!