Bowling and Dairy Queen

I've been craving Dairy Queen and bowling like a crack addict lately. Anytime we drive by Dairy Queen, it's always an hour before dinner or an hour before lunch or it's closed, and I always offer the suggestion, but it's never an appropriate time. Last night we did go to Alexanders, a fancy ice cream place that serves un-soft-serve ice cream (I can't remember what it's called). So, that craving has been snuffed for not, but like any crack-like craving, it comes back and fast.

Bowling, on the other hand, is a constant mention on Friday nights. We assume it wouldn't be a good time to go because of leagues, so we drive to Target and walk around the store instead. Last night, during our Valentine's Day outing (we celebrate not on V-Day because it's not as hectic out there) we decided to check it out.

Now, we're on a mission. Dairy Queen isn't a part of the mission, but bowling is.

I know, this isn't very interesting, but you don't understand...I suck at bowling, but I love, love, love to go. Especially cosmic bowling, which is what I'm secretly praying for...

Let's hope we go cosmic.


Rebecca said…
Sooooo, how was the bowling outing? Was it cosmic? Was dairy queen involved?

thanks for stopping by pixels lately :)