First-time Sewing Experience

I'm an HGTV addict. I don't care what else is on the telly, I click on channel 48 and go, go, go! I have been an addict for years now, and since the cable network is picking up steam, the shows and production keep getting better. So I keep getting more and more addicted. But this isn't about my love for HGTV, but what HGTV has created...


I enjoy how they handmake everything on the show: cabinets, shelves, tables, frames, pillows, curtains, tableclothes. Something we've been looking for are curtains for our porch. It's practically all windows, but we'd like to make it a little more private, but pre-made curtains are expensive. We thought about making them, but there was one thing I was lacking...a sewing machine.

Since Christmas, that has changed. One of my big, surprise gifts was a sewing machine. Last night I gave it a go for the first time...and I've never touched a sewing machine before. The goal is to make some pillows for our redesigned living room, but I need some simple projects to get the feel of using the machine, otherwise the pillows and curtains will look like some blind person made them.
I first took some felt that I had for sock puppets and figured it was a safe bet to use the $.50 fabric to mess around with. Here we have a cylinder. I was very proud of it, even though there is stitching all over the place.

I saw a good beginner's project online at a Website devoted for DIYers. Someone took fleece and sewed together an Earth-friendly Swiffer cover. Something reusable. I decided that was a good beginner project, as I continue to figure out this contraption. I took some more felt and put together a model of what the fleece covers would look like.

Then I filled the blue pocked with cotton balls and sewed them shut. The Girls have their first homemade toy from me. Fauna walked around with it for a little while last night. I tried to force them to use it, but they didn't seem to want I tried to guilt trip them to use it. "Your daddy just made this special and you're not going to even touch it?"

I wanted to thrash around on the floor, but they would've just thought I was playing with them, instead of guilt-tripping.


Unknown said… have begun your sewing adventure...expect a lot of fun ;)