Finally, I Dare Say! FI-NAL-LY!

"Reading and Why I Can't Seem To Do It Right" is the ongoing theme here.

I continue to bore you with my ongoing thesis about why I just can't seem to get it right, and how there just might be hope:

I went to the library the other night and found three volumes that seemed like good casual reads, but intelligent casual reads: "The Life of Pi" by Yann Martel, "Shriek: An Afterward" by Jeff VanderMeer, and "The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao" by Junot Diaz. Each seem fabulous; I even started "Life of Pi" and it had me at hello. Then...

Five days later, "Duma Key" by Stephen King came out. For the longest time I've told myself, "no, he's not my favorite author, I just enjoy him..." because I thought it wasn't classy to consider him a favorite, but seriously, who buys every book that comes out since high school if they don't simply love the author? I await his books like they're new albums from R.E.M. So, perhaps he is a favorite author, but he can be one of many. I'm only on page 45 and (sigh relief) I won't be putting it down. His writing has changed drastically compared to older albums.

For example, his description of the main character's accident that took his right arm (which is vital to who he is now) and how it parallels the death of the neighbor's Jack Russell Terrier is horrifying...not in classic King style, but because it is so real. It got to me, shook me to the core, if you will. And to think, there's more to come...

Book talk has been the on-going think-tank in my head.

That and the Oscar nominations (well, not here for the Oscars...just in my head...I don't really know much about film to spew forth gobs of fantastic opinion...I mean, really, I want to see "National Treasure 2" and I loved "Transformers" with vehement passion), and as usual, I have no clue what those movies are. Well, I know what they are and I am very familiar with them because I'm a pop-culture fiend and get Entetianment Weekly. But, will any of them come to my $2.50 theater?

And to blog about one of the most bloggable moments thus far in 2008: Can you believe that Heath Ledger is dead?

When I found out about Brad Renfro last week, it was sad...I saw "The Client", but I wasn't as surprised since I had read about his fun-with-drugs in past issues of pop magazines. So, while watching "American Idol" and in a news brief during commercials mentioned Ledger's death...I stopped cold, and I rarely do when it comes to celebrities. My jaw dropped and I was waiting for a "just kidding" to fly out of the sky and kick me in the ass.

I'm still checking People and other sites to see what the latest news is. This is an actor who's been invited into my TV and DVD/VCR player often. I liked his talent and his movies. It's not like he lived a very public and weird who knows what skeletons he took with him.

With that being said, his talent and person will be missed.


Rebecca said…
Agreed. I can't believe he is dead! But "Good-Bye Norma Jean" keeps running through my head, with every new gory detail that is released...found naked...face down...prescription drugs. GAWD. Let the man rest. Let not his family have to hear this in the name of satisfying a voyeuristic public. Ok. I am now down from my soap box...