Fauna's Demands + Other news

Fauna's new demanding personality status? She continues to bark at us. It's not a repetitive yelp, but just one bark and then she's done. She grabs her toy and then jumps on the sofa and continues to walk back and forth, back and forth all over our bodies.

"You have ice cubes, what could you possibly want?"

Well, while parts of Indiana continues to flood because of rain and thunderstorms from the 60 degree front that passed through the past couple of days, Fauna cannot go outside and run without becoming a chocolate lab. It's muddy. It's wet. The large Raible turds have become gloppy piles of fertilizer I dare not trod in. So, Fauna's new sweet talk is demanding that we play with her. She has energy to burn, and she won't let you go until some of it is steam.

In other news, go to Musicovery and you will discover a brand new way to listen to music online. It's random, you just pick a mood and the type of music you like to listen to, and it will continue to play. Come across an artist you've never heard of or a song you really like, click on the Amazon link and you can view the album information.

Now time for something completely different: Sheryl Crow and R.E.M., two of my favorite musical talents in the world, are both in the midst of coming out with new material. At least their careers aren't halted by the WGA's Strike.