Top 10 Singles of 2007

Last year there were ten stand out albums that I had to write about. Although there was a ton of great music this year, I can't say I would sum them up in albums. I try to search out new artists and sounds on the Internet, and I also get hooked on the garbage that is played on the radio. The garbage I couldn't resist this year was Rhianna's "Umbrella" and Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" even if the lyric about missing someone like a baby's blanket is the crappiest simile to ever be published in music industry (do I even applaud her effort for orginality?).

I decided to list my favorite singles of the year. I have a playlist on my iPod that is constantly changing, but the name is always t
he same. I had a bad year last year and while watching "Heroes" Steph coined the phrase "Save the Journalism Teacher, Save the World" after the cheerleader one...and that's what I named the playlist. These are the songs I could not ignore:

"No One" by Alicia Keys (As I Am)

I don't remember when I first heard her new single, but I had to have it after one listen. And it's a good single when I have to listen to it over and over and over again. It's an even better single when I learn all the words by listening to it nonstop, and then get sick of it for a few moments, and then it surpasses ever getting sick of it again...because it's audio gold. She sings like a diva unleashed from a room of heartache, of soul. She sounds older than 26 and then you bless her heart that she's only 26 because she's going to be unleashing more great music in these next many years. The rest of the album is pretty fantastic, too. But this is the stand out track. Hands down.

"Sober" by Kelly Clarkson (My December)

There was a bunch of garbage surrounding the release of Clarkson's latest. Apparently the llama's wanted to help write the music, but when the demon's came flying in with their rocket launchers and the Christmas Trees starting running away, a rabbit proclaimed the innocence and the carpet remained calm and OK. What the hell? She won a bunch of Grammy's, leave the woman alone and let her write her own music. I'm not sure what all went down with all the negative press, but I wasn't going to give up on my girl Kelly. I accidentally came across "Breakaway" and I enjoyed every song on that album, so I looked forward to a darker, edgier set of songs. "Sober" was supposed to be the second single on the radio and it was supposed to be amazing, but somehow it just didn't pick up...probably because every damn Nickelback song was raping our ears and senses, never giving us a chance to cherish this slow, moody, but fantastic song.

"Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" by Fall Out Boy (Infinity On High)

I decided to listen to this album because a bunch of emo-talk surrounded this band and I was curious what all the fuss was about. I didn't really get why they were considered emo, because it's very pop-rock and not exactly angsty. Then the spring came and I mowed the lawn to this album and this album only. I fell in love with every song on this CD, but the stand-out was "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" because it has a moment in it that resembles my love for R.E.M. when they used a bunch of mandolins on their "Out of Time" album. Plus, it's just a great melody and I enjoy the lead singer's voice. You go Boy!

"Makes Me Wonder" Maroon 5 (It Won't Be Soon Before Long)

Did it take the band long enough to come out with a new album? I mean seriously. I swooned when I first heard it because it had their sound from their first album, a little bit of a disco sound, very pop-rocky, and Adam's signature voice. I got annoyed during interviews when they were all like, "we're practically the only band left on pop radio." Excuse me? Didn't I just freak out about Fall Out Boy? Seriously. But the song had a refreshing jive when it was introduced to the airwaves earlier this year. This time, Maroon 5, just don't take forever with your next album. Your fans can get bored...and sadly, the second album is more forgettable than the, sing about something other than sex. That gets a bit old too. But I did love this song.

"1234" Feist (The Reminder)

I was like everyone else watching the new iPod commercial that played the video for "1234" on the small Nano-screen--freaking out. Who is this? Why are they doing that terrible clapping dance? And it's so catchy! I finally have in on my own iPod and although I'll never learn the lyrics, this Canadian brought on her game this. If it weren't for the iPod commercial, she wouldn't be here for me to hear today. It's a song I want to take seriously, but can't, but then I listen to the layers of all the instruments, I have to. I enjoy the song much more when I actually watch the video because it just fits. Plus, there's a banjo in the background. Who doesn't love a good banjo?

"Phantom Limb" The Shins (Wincing the Night Away)

Sometimes it pays to watch SNL, especially when they feature an artist that I enjoy and they play songs off their upcoming album that I can't stand at first. The Shins played "Phantom Limb" during their live set and I couldn't tell if they were singing off-key on purpose or if that was just a weird melody. I decided to give the song a try and it was actually one of my favorites for the year. The melody is the most unique out of anything I've heard and they have a catchy "ohhhh" chorus that anybody can sing along to.

"Apologize" OneRepublic (Dreaming Out Loud)

Thank you Timbaland for putting this band on the map. I enjoy the piano driven bands like Augustana and OneRepublic. I enjoy the lead singer's voice. I enjoy the piano, and I like how Timbaland gave it that nice beat to move it along. It's the sad-man's ballad and I sing along all the time. It's in my range and I love the lyric "I need you like a heart needs a beat" because it soars, unlike the aforementioned baby blanket simile.

"What I've Done" Linkin Park (Minutes to Midnight)

Linkin Park just knows how to rock in white-boy style. I enjoy that about them, especially if they have a message attached to it. They're about saving the earth and I'm about that, too. Plus, "What I've Done" was featured in "Transformers" this summer...which did not disappoint, either.

"Break Anotha" Blake Lewis (Audio Day Dream)

Blake Lewis came in second this past season of American Idol. I've never watched it before, but he became my man-crush and I wanted him to win. Even though he didn't, I'm fine with that because he ended up recording an album anyway. He's the most original of the Idol's, I think, because he enjoys the electronic sound and works with it. Although "Break Anotha" isn't 80s-inspired like I hoped it would be, but many songs from the album are. It's definitely something fast that I can either dance to, or workout to.

"The Way I Feel" Matt Wertz (Everything In Between)

Here's to the artist no one has ever hear of. I stumbled upon Matt and I enjoyed his sound. I'm a singer/songwriter fiend and when I discover someone new...I eat them up. I enjoyed "The Way I Feel" because it has a great rhythm and he sings it with a bit of soul, not too bad for a white boy.


Rebecca said…
I'm gonna check some of these out, thanks. My husband can't get enough Feist either. Glad that iPod commercial gained he a wider audience.