Target: Kittens

After a weekend filled to the brim with Christmas parties, we went to Target to have our own party. A shopping party, if you will. We looked at all we could, bought some cards and invitations, and we were close to our car when we noticed two people looking around the parking lot, like they were lost.

"There are kittens out here," the woman said. They vanished, and left Steph and I to complete the scavenger hunt. We spotted them, two gray kittens and one black one. They were hiding under the cars, trying to keep warm from the biting wind.

They scedaddled under the Beetle, but when we ducked to look under, we couldn't find them. They were grouped, right by the Beetle, then, eating from an open bag of Nestle's Toll House morsels. We grabbed them, but the black one jumped up into the tire of a SUV, it's tiny claws grabbed onto the rubber.

We took them to the car with us and debated what to do. We have three medium to large dogs at home. Three kittens weren't going to fit in very well. We obviously weren't going to keep them, but they'd be kitten pancakes had we left them in the parking lot.

So, we did what we were called to do: rescue more animals!

It was 8 p.m. and Petsmart was still open, so we took them in (with onlookers all, "oh how cuuuuuute," when we passed") and grabbed a cheap bag of food and kitty litter. The woman at the checkout said she would take one of them, but she couldn't decide which one she wanted. She thought about it for a second and then said she would take them all.

I cancelled the debit and walked the kittens to the back.

Here is the tally of animals we've saved thus far:

3 dogs (even though we had to give one back)

1 bunny

3 cats