A Fixed Furnace

Just like the Stratus, it was a close-call with the furnace. We spent the night at my in-laws' house and headed out the door about 8:30 a.m. to get home in time for the furnace man. Too bad the furnace man didn't come in time for us. We just sat and waited in our cold house and called the office to make sure they were on their way (instead of answering "Oliver's" or whatever, some grouchy old lady was on the other line with a gruff "hello?"). I was wrapped up in my fleece, gloves and a scarf. The house was about 57 degrees, but that's enough to eat through to your bones.

The girls were in weird moods while we waited. Fauna just kept pacing and moaning. Nigra whined, which we figured she was tired from not sleeping well at the in-laws. I told her repeatedly that she needed to take a nap. Raible kept disappearing for 20 minutes at a time. As of now, they are all collapsed around me with their eyes closed, breathing deep. They do not do well with spending the night at other peoples' houses. We've left them so many times, they think we will get up in the middle of the night and leave. They're always sure to stay close to the door as not to forget them.

They kept barking at the furnace man, however, as we waited in the garage while he and his son worked. I think it was his son. All I remember was Soulja Boy going off as a ringtone as he griped about his woman and how she didn't answer his question. All this while he kept checking his phone for texts.

"I'm gonna haff to yell at her about how she didn't answer my question," he said.

In the meantime, we got Steph's grandparents' large 36-inch TV, which right now has "Sister Sister" emblazoned across its screen since I'm too lazy to change the channel. So, while we waited for furnace man (and his son?) to come back with, not 5-inch tubing like they had, but 6-inch tubing, we hooked up the beast of a TV.

We get to stay in the house now. And not die. And we didn't spend that much money to have the rusted tubing taken out and changed. It definitely could have been worse, but I'm still chalking it up as one of the low moments of 2007.