"Falling" by Christopher Pike

Oh my gosh. You, come over here. I know your'e looking at me...yes, you, come here. I have a secret I want to tell you...

I finally finished a novel all the way through. Can you believe it?

And I thank one of my all time favorite authors Christopher Pike. I am biased, since I've been reading this man since I was in middle school. So let the review begin:

The ending was classic "are you kidding me?" and I wasn't impressed. It felt a little bit like a cop-out, almost on the verge of deus ex machina. If I gave too much away right there, you'll still want to pick up the book.

We meet Kelly, who has a PhD in mythology, but she is bored with her life as a teacher and becomes and FBI agent because her mythology background actually helps her find serial killers. She becomes obsessed with the Acid Man, hunts him down, but continues to be completely enamored by him. In an unrelated story that happens every-other-chapter, we have Matt who hates his ex-girlfriend, but loves her with equal passion, and because of these two twisted emotions he decides to fake his death and kidnap her baby.

Their two stories intertwine, which is the best part of the book -- like the white, creamy middle of the Oreo.

What drives the narratives of "Falling" is the characterization. You feel for Kelly, but at the same time, with all the mistakes that drive her, you want to smack her across the face. Matt, as a "bad guy" in the story gathers your sympathy, but since he is the bad guy, his flaws are prevalent. They are so prevalent, you want him to get caught at times.

Chocked full of falling metaphors, which is where the title fits, "Falling" is worth your time. Even if this review isn't.