Since one novel isn't enough, and I'm not officially done with it yet (the editing process is the beast part), I've decided to sign up and take part in Nanowrimo. It's got a catchy name, but what does it mean? National Novel Writing Month -- ugh, and my dog just farted...

Fauna's got the worst people-smelling farts. You never know it's going to happen -- they just seeth into the air and part your nostril hairs -- raping your senses. And she just scratches herself, makes a small moan, picks up her toy and wants to be my friend.

ANYWAY. I am joining people across the world who are doing the exact same thing as I. November is the month where people drop their fear of the blank page and write a novel in thirty days. There are even groups out there, it's that intense. Sadly, I'm in an area where the arts don't exist, so I might be on my own for a bit, but if you, too, want to join me and write a novel in only one month check out Nanowrimo.


Marloes said…
I'm allready excited if I manage to post at least one log in a week. The book will just have to wait.
Mark in DE said…
Oh god, our dogs must be sisters! Mine does the same thing. I work from home and she lays on the floor next to my desk. Suddenly, out of nowhere, with no warning at all, my nostrils will be assaulted by sour stench of her farts. She's completely oblivious to the offense, of course, and likely wonders why I'm suddenly fanning my face like Karl Lagerfeld.

Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog. Come back anytime.