Quiet Moments

A solution for Fauna's hyperactivity, which has worn us down, was something herbal. So we baked some pot brownies and...

I'm kidding.

But the dalmation in her, along with the puppy, and who knows what hard-wiring in her brain is a bit askew, needed some calming because she was writhing on us and constantly mounting us and pawing at us and she couldn't sit still and she got up to walk around, and, and, and... We thought something herbal couldn't hurt, especially if it calmed her a bit. So far, it seems to be working.

Now, during a night where storms are out lurking, ready to show no mercy, Raible (our Golden/Collie mix who cannot stand storms) is actually lying down. And eating a chewie. Thanks to "Quiet Moments" --

Holy Cow, Cousin Pam from the later episodes of "The Cosby Show" is on CSI as a lawyer.

Anyway, thanks to "Quiet Moments" Raible is...OK...panting pretty heavy, but she's not pacing and she's actually lying her head down. This is a first.

Usually during a stormy or rainy night, while we're asleep, she'll jump on the bed and try to push her head under ours, hoping to bury herself under our bodies. Steph, then, has to turn on the TV and sleep on the couch, because if I try to do it, she'll just stay with her on the bed and continue her attempt at burying herself. Hopefully "Quiet Moments" will give us a chance to have a quiet moment during the night while the storms pass through.

Now, I'm going to see if I can watch "Viva Laughlin"...