Professional Photo Shoot

Today was a big day for my fledgling business, Refridgerator Art. I actually did an hour-long photo shoot with a family that actually wasn't related to me. It was (dare I say) my first official gig.

I did do my sister-in-law's senior portraits two years ago, but there wasn't as much pressure there -- they're family. Since then, I've been setting up shop, trying to promote myself as a photographer. Today, I met up with a family, and within an hour I gave them 515 photos. Now, not all of them are beautiful. I have a fast finger, but with five of the same photo (sometimes ten) one of them has to be the good one. Some were obviously better than others, and than I felt bad I actually charged them.

I had some issues with lighting that I wasn't aware of at the time, but it's a learning experience as well. Hopefully the family will be able to walk away with a butt load of quality images. There are a few that are perfect, like no one could've gotten something like that, even if they tried... That's when some of the best photos happen -- in between the takes. Those tend to be my favorite anyway, since I have training as a photojournalist. I'm always looking for photos where people aren't paying attention. It's that small window that opens and you get to see really what's going on with that person. The way a husband is looking at his wife right after he kissed her on the cheek. The way the little girl hugs her stuffed bunny, because it is super-important. Those photos, the ones that weren't posed, are the gems. That's what I really want to take pride in and show off. Sure you can get a good family portrait at Wal-mart, but do you look alive in it?

Give me even the smallest window of opportunity, and I'll catch the brightness of your soul. That's what my fledgling business will promise you, not just a portrait, but a glimpse into who you are.