Llama: 360 Degrees

Here's the reality: Llamas are affordable.

If you want one, go buy one. They can be as cheap as $200. That was great news to me, especially since my dreams are building around having some llamas in the backyard with the girls. I would love to have a baby llama and watch it grow, as they have such long legs and seem wonderfully awkward.

The dream of owning some llamas was about to vanquish when I read a phamplet while watching The Show Llamas at the State Fair. It said they were about $2,000 a piece. Those were prize-winning-breeding llamas. You don't need to spend a lot for a llama, people. I know this now. If you want a llama, go get one. They're as inexpensive as a queen-sized mattress from a liquidation store.

Buy one today!


Marloes said…
Do you have any idea how much shipment to Europe will be?..
Unknown said…
our backyard is not big enough. *sigh*