Humphrey and Ghundi Bear Fun Fact #6

These two are always trying to push the envelope. After taking a cruise together close to the Galapagos Islands, they're back for the fall and winter, ready to hand out interesting facts only these two can find. Today, they decided to freak out the readers with something about pee.

Fun Fact #5
If you want to try something new and homeopathic, drink a cup of pee. There really is a practice out there called "Urine Therapy" which refers to filling up a cup with you're yellow goodness. Tip that cup back into your mouth and feel the warm (they say it's salty) solution flow down your throat. Apparently urine can cure and prevent sickness, enhance beauty (but not breath), and cleanse the bowels. It can be mixed with your morning coffee, juice (shoulda had a V8...) or drink it straight. It's not entirely dirty, especially the second it leaves the body. Which means out one second, back in again the next. People on long car trips need to start practicing urine therapy for health and a more effective trip.