Another Letter From Our Friend Ahmi

Yay! Ahmi wrote us! If you haven't met Ahmi yet, please check out the adventures we've had with her.

Dear Friends,

It has been much too long since my last letter. I apologize. I am much larger now and having gone to school, my English has improved greatly. I hop past ever so often to see your three dogs. The spotted one gives me shivers, still. I have nightmares once a month and in them that spotted one's jowls hang around me like a thick-skinned blanket, and I writhe and writhe, but I cannot let myself go. I am aware now that it wasn't malice that turned her loose on me, but playfulness. Still being a young bunny myself, I will eat a bug or two, not realizing the harm I've done unto life. You have my gratefulness for keeping me in that shoe box and surrounding me with warm pine needles. Without those needles, I may not have made it. I struggle in Bunny Math during my lessons, but since my English is so strong, I may one day be a translator. I will try much harder to keep in touch.

Your faithful furry-one,