Gender Roles?

Traditional gender roles are not played at my house. My brother and my dad can build and construct cabinets and shelves in their garages, having designed them on some computer program, butI never go that gene. Today, instead, I baked muffins for breakfast, a really terrible batch of peanut butter cookies (which the trash got to eat) and right now I am currently awaiting my first batch of from-scratch-butterscotch-white-chocolate-milk-chocolate-chip cookies.

Steph, on the other hand, is outside working in the garage. Painting.

May you, too, defy roles that have been put on you by society. Now, I'm going to put down my box of bon bons, and strap on my heels and pearls so I can vacuum the floor.


Marloes said…
My husband is a better cook then I am, ever wondered why all the good chefs are male?
That is true, like that scary chef in that show "Hell's Kitchen".
Rebecca said…
That's really funny. While Brian and I are equals in the kitchen (well, except he makes a HUGE mess and I don't), I am Ms. Fixit in our house. If it is broken, or needs to be spiffied, that is my job. If it is electronic and needs to be set up, that is my job. Brian volunteers at school. I offered him my pearls, but alas, he declined, but I gladly took the tool belt ;)