Foreigners Must Think Americans Are Stupid

I hope I never become this obsessed about anything. And if I do, so help me...

Curious, especially after a short mention in Entertainment Weekly, about this Chris Crocker clip on YouTube, I had to check it out. And really, I mean really? While watching him video tape his mascara-streaming anger confession, I just felt dirty watching it. Like I was peering into a window I know I shouldn't be looking into, but couldn't draw myself away. And that's exactly what he wanted, I'm sure, trying to prove a point.


Interior Monologue

Now that I've finished up my acting lessons, it's time to put them to good use. I just got my new digital video camera, and I just aced my dramatic crying unit... Who could I cry about? I need a good celebrity to freak out about so I can show the world how dirty they are, how they dwell too much on celebrity and not in their own lives.


And I fell for it.

(He's in the process of getting somekind of show, too. Check it out here.)


Marloes said…
If only it could be explained that easily..:)