Closet Encounters

A lot of things weren't going through our heads while house-shopping two years ago. One of the overlooked pieces were the closets. We didn't ask all the right questions: Is it big enough for all the skeletons? If we end up with three larger dogs, is there enough space for all five of us when tornado warnings are out? Can a dead body get stuffed in there with all of my shoes? (I mean, I do have about five pair of Doc Martens and those shoes are huge...)

We spent our Labor Day closet re-organizing, and at one moment it looked like Goodwill barfed all over our bedroom. It didn't go as planned. I almost went outside, laid on the ground and threw a mighty, bowel-quivering tantrum.

I need a show like "Mission: Organization" on HGTV to help me out. Give a brother a hand, right?

Until we go into phase 2 of re-organizing, people will not be coming over. We will hold on the entertaining.