Parent Night

Every year the elective teachers get screwed at the annual Parent Night. Most of us teach all three grades (sixth, seventh and eighth) and, obviously, the core teachers teach one (duh, I don't even need to tell you this, I know, because now you think I'm insulting your intelligence, which isn't true).

Why it sucks, Part I:

Because we teach all three grades, we have to be at numerous parent nights. This year, we had our sixth grade parent night two days after school started. Thank God the parent knew that I didn't know who their kids were yet. The next parent night is next Thursday.

Now, already it sucks for us because we have not one, but two parent nights to be at. And remember, we don't get paid for these extra hours, unlike someone who gets overtime. But you have to remember, teachers don't get paid their worth, anyways. If they did, the state would be broke.

Last year the school thought it would be nice to have three different parent for each grade. Luckily, having such a small number of sixth graders, I was able to get out of one of them. And I thought I was lucky for having only two to go to, instead of three, whereas the core teachers always go to one.

Why it sucks, Part II:

Since the core teachers are more important than elective teachers, they get to meet with the parents the first hour or so of parent night. Once they meet with the core teachers, they are dismissed over the PA to meet the elective teachers. So, we should be there at the same time, but we don't get to meet the parents for another forty minutes.

When we do get to meet the parents, the core teachers are all meeting at different bars and restaurants for fun, and we're stuck in the rooms until about 8:45 p.m. talking to parents.

So, we get to go last and be at school longer.

Just think last year when we had to do it three times (even though I got out of one).

It's just as bad having to do it twice.

I know the administrators are there just as long, but they signed up for that gig. Plus, they get paid more.

At least the parents tell me that I'm the first teacher their children mention when they get home from the first day of school.


Rebecca said…
Wow. That seems really early for Meet the Teacher night!!! That said, it am really interested to know that you have elective courses at the middle school level. Chris has been in Parochial school since pre K, entering 6th grade this year--there are NO electives. I am going to check out the public schools in the area to see if there are such courses available here. I don't remember them myself until I hit high school.