Maybe It's Maybeline. Or Sheep.

Purusing the Indianapolis Star, online edition, before classes started this week, I came across a photo of glory. Of passion.

I could not find a story to use for my journalism students...nothing local (and positive) was happening, and even though the Indiana State Fair was positive and current, no stories were pertanant. Instead, I was thwarted by the stop action of the amazing animal leaping over a hurdle.

Ever since Disney's "The Emporer's New Groove" came out years ago, I have been in love with llamas. They are a strange mix of sheep fur, giraffe neck, camel, with goat odor, and an elegant disposition. When they look at you, it's like they're saying, "I hear what your saying, but what does it mean?"

As common as they can be, they continue to remain exotic. Those eyes, those lashes, just pull me in. Maybe it's Maybeline, I don't know, but along with the girls...I would love to have a llama prancing around my back yard.

I sent Steph the photo of the llama jumping over a hurdle and she told me, "If you're good, maybe we can go see the llamas on Saturday." So, I dashed home from school, took her laptop and logged onto the fair site to see what was happening for Aug. 18 and I saw that of all days...the 4-H llama exhibition was happening at 8 a.m.

What am I going to wear?