Homemade Simple

I am trying to jump onto the green bandwagon. Trying hard. The downfall is, I may decompose before I get there.

The first step, quite literally, was to try eco-friendly shoes. Made of recycled materials and natural materials, these Simple brand shoes are also for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Since I subscribe to Real Simple and Readymade magazines (where I saw the ad for the shoes), I figured it was going to be great conversation starter:

"Nice shoes, wanna--"

"I made them myself."

The materials arrived in a neat bag, string, needles, a thimble, two large pieces of brown leather to sew together (the soles were already attached) and shoe laces. They came Monday. I started to put them together Monday night...and lost one of the needles. I couldn't continue. On Tuesday night, after dinner, Steph found another needle around the house that I could use, but the string they sent with the shoes wasn't long enough. I had to stop. Wednesday night, I was armed with enough string and two needles and finally finished the shoes.

They look elvish. Something a "Lord of the Rings" dork would wear with green tights while walking around with a Nerf bow and arrow waiting in line for "The Hobbit" once it hits theaters whenever they figure out who'll direct it.

(I only know this because I get Entertainment Weekly, people)

But I made them. They remind me of moccasins. I almost feel like one of those people that go to CVS in the rain with house slippers on. Like I shouldn't be wearing them in public, just secretly around the house (while I play Dungeons and Dragons).

What? You don't have people like that at your CVS? I'm sure you have something of the equivalent. Buttcracks all hanging out? No? Something...


Rebecca said…
Dude, this is NEW YORK! We have weird shoes, curlers, house dresses, butt crack, you name it :)

But the funniest thing is the Lord of the Rings wedding my girlfriend attended. I kid you not. All the brides maids Elven gowns, tiaras, and went barefoot. Bridezilla considered making them wear the ears, but I think a revolt was staged....