High School Musical

It was all a rage, and when things pop-culture become such a rage, I need to understand why! Now that I've seen "High School Musical" and "High School Musical 2", I'm bent over in the corner asking myself that question exactly, "wwwwhhhhhy?"

And to think I actually watched about 3 and a half hours of it this past Friday. I told Steph a while back that I was curious about the shows and it was my genius idea to watch both episodes in a row. We started early at 6:30 p.m. and got bored. The singing actually slowed down the movie. Just when things picked up...they sang.

Since the first was such a hit, number two had better production -- but the singing was weird. Granted, when they film musicals, they have to do it in a recording studio, and then the actors lip sync to it. This I know. But suspending my disbelief, like I do when I read a good fictional novel, was a bit hard because they had this fuzzy quality to the vocals...like they were making out with the foam cover on the microphone. Sadly, it sounded over-produced. At least the first one wasn't over-done...it even had some piano parts in it, and the person was actually at the piano playing.

The music just spewed out of the heavens and onto the stars.

The biggest rip-off scene out of both films was in the second one when Troy (Zac Efron's character) was pissed off at something and started singing, dancing and running around the greens at the golf course he worked at. It just seemed a little too similar to the scene in "Footloose" when Kevin Bacon is mad and he's dancing and running through the barn gymnast-style to the song "Never" by Kenny Loggins.

Too bad Kevin Bacon's scene was more realistic.


Anonymous said…
I think you need to develop a more negative attitude about stuff. You seem to have gone into this with an open mind. That's probably not a good idea when it comes to musicals.
You see...I actually like musicals. I know it's sick...but that's how I was brought up.
Anonymous said…
mmk so the troy scene is by far my favorite scene in that movie! bet on it...lol. and, ironically enough, zac efron is looking to play kevin bacon's role in a footloose remake. imagine that. haha.
Anonymous said…
oh and that was kendra by the way since i have to be anonymous...lol