Gundi Bear and Humphrey Fun Fact #5

It's that time again. It's been too long since these two delved into factland to pull out a good today, it's boogers!

Fun Fact #5
Did you know that the real reason you shouldn’t eat boogers isn’t because it grosses people out (which it does!) but because boogers are full of dirt and dust and mucus? So, if your kid eats boogers, or you pick their nose and eat them, reader beware!


Rebecca said…
Thank you, kind sir, for the anatomy of a booger. Blech.

I love your list of Travel Must Haves. My husband MUST have twizzlers for a long car ride. He also like to have books on tape. I prefer the iPod connector thingy, as long trips mean radio signals fading in and out...and who wants to pack all those CDs.

Funny story, we were driving from Columbus, OH to Bluford, IL--basically from his family's home to my family reunion. We took I70 through OH, IN (took 495 through or around Indianapolis) and IL, picked up 57 and dropped pretty much due south. No iPod connector thingy. We had the radio on listening to Howard Stern. Hey, with Brian driving, he has control of the dial, even if our then 8 year old is in the car. Lost the signal in IN, and started getting bean, corn and hog futures.
What a good list, dude you're good! :) I read it this morning and now reading it again to my husband... and I really never thought of window markers!!! LOVE that idea :)
Anonymous said…
Come on, they taste so gosh darned good!

I think I would love to go on a road trip with you guys. I call dibs on writing the first window message in each state! Haribo Gummy Bears are my favorite. I don't think you can find a better bear for either flavor, or texture.
Rebecca said…
I don't know, Uncle, I think if you let David at the window markers, there might be pissed off trucker or biker in your future...But I have to agree, going on a road trip with you and Steph sounds like a blast!!
One of our messages with Window markers was "If you like sex, honk!" and all that. We've only had a couple of honks, but oh well.

I would be curious what David had to write. We always have Expo cleaner to make it all right.

And then get high, because we're shooting fumes onto a hot car window.
Rebecca said…
Ok, can you imagine the pissed off at the world 15 year old in the back seat with mom and dad that saw that?? Hilarious.